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ADOX CHS 100 II 135-36

ADOX CHS 100 II 135-36

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ADOX CHS 100 II produces delicate, soft, airy images with open shadows, creamy highlights and a smooth tonal transition.

The orthopanchromatic emulsion features a reduced red sensitivity and a curve gap between blue and green, producing deeper skies with standing-out clouds and a balanced tonal reproduction in portraiture. Along with classical grain, CHS 100 II is perfect for fine art photography, delivering a true 1960’s film look.

This film is made of two emulsions coated in a single layer on an archival clear PET 100 micron base, resulting in very large exposure latitude. CHS 100 II responds very well to pull- and push-processing.

Teknisk data

Type Svart/hvitt-film
Eksponeringer 36
Format 135
ISO 100
Type Negativ
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