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CineStill Film

CineStill 800T Tungsten Xpro 120

CineStill 800T Tungsten Xpro 120

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The films of CineStill bring the unique look & feel of cinema film to 35mm "still" film!

CineStill 800 Tungsten, is the first film made by the American film manufacturer CineStill. The film has a nominal film speed of ISO 800 but can easily be pushed to higher speeds and this up to ISO 3200 (with increased contrast). The film is based on the original Kodak Vision3 500T (5219) motion picture film stock and was further optimized for ordinary "still" photography. CineStill has also paid attention to the scanning performance of the emulsion, making it easy to scan the film without any loss of quality. The flexible exposure possibilities, high color saturation and the special effect in the strong highlights (orange glow) have made this film the ideal choice for photography in (very) low light.

Teknisk data

Type Fargefilm
Eksponeringer 10
Format 120
ISO 800
Type Negativ
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