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CineStill Film

CineStill Df96 “Developer&Fix” B&W Monobath

CineStill Df96 “Developer&Fix” B&W Monobath

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Processing all of your B&W film at home is easier than ever with this magical and versatile Single-Step BW “Developer-Fix” monobath solution, akin to D96 motion picture developer but with no need for stop bath, fixer, or any other chemicals. Perfect for processing CineStill BwXX along with any other black & white film. No special charts, timers or apps needed! Just a processing tank and water. Foolproof self-completing process that guarantees motion picture quality, the smoothest grain structure and crisp tonal curve.

The Df96 Monobath allows for a flexible processing in 3-6 minutes at any room temperature between 68-82°F (20-28°C). Just wash with water and hang to dry. No more complicated measurements or strict margins to deal with. Process 16+ rolls of black and white film with 1 liter of just one chemical with absolutely wonderful results!

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