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HARMAN technology

Harman Ilford HP5 27 exp engangskamera

Harman Ilford HP5 27 exp engangskamera

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Engangskamera fra Ilford med den populære HP5+ S/H-filmen.

The easy to use ILFORD single use camera offers novice photographers the opportunity to try real black and white photography for themselves.

The camera is attractively packaged with strong monochrome images and striking graphics and is ready for counter display. It is loaded with (24+3) 27 exposures of the excellent ILFORD HP5 Plus ISO 400 film.

The HARMAN single use camera comes loaded with Ilford´s best-selling HP5 PLUS black & white film and is an easy to use, fun camera. Including 27 exposures of ILFORD HP5 PLUS, this versatile and forgiving (exposure-friendly) ISO 400 film is ideal for these cameras, suitable for most indoor and outdoor shooting situations.

It is ideal for parties, festivals, weddings, street photography and outdoor events and a built-in flash allows for indoor and low light shooting.

Once used, the film can be processed in standard black & white photo processing solutions in complete darkness or through any lab that offers a dedicated black & white service.

Single Use Camera with black & white film

  • Contains: ILFORD HP5 PLUS
  • 27 exposures
  • Built in flash

Teknisk data

Type Svart/hvitt-film
Eksponeringer 27
Format 135
ISO 400
Type Negativ
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