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ILFORD ILFOCOLOR Rapid Half Frame 54

ILFORD ILFOCOLOR Rapid Half Frame 54

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Ilford ILFOCOLOR Single Use Camera Rapid half frame 54 exposures er et engangskamera med totalt 54 half frame eksponeringer.

The ILFOCOLOR Half Frame camera delivers twice the number of photos from a roll of 35mm film by dividing the conventional 36x24mm negative into two 18×24 exposures.

The camera features a fixed focus 31mm lens which delivers crisp images from 1m to infinity.

Shutter speed is also fixed at 1/125 sec, eliminating the likelihood of camera shake and blurred photos, pre-loaded with an AAA battery and with a 15-second recycle flash time for low light shooting and fill flash in bright daylight.

Key Features:
Film Format: 35mm (pre-loaded)
No of exposures: 54 exp
Film Speed: ISO 400
Optical Lens: 31 mm, F11, 1 element
Focusing: Focus Free, 1m – ∞
Shutter Speed: Shutter 1/125s
Viewfinder: Field ca. 70%
Flash: Built-in – 15s recycle time
Power Source: 1AAA Alkaline Battery (pre-loaded)

Dimensions: 110mm (W) x 55.3mm (H) x 33.5mm (D

Teknisk data

Type Fargefilm
Eksponeringer 54
Format 135
ISO 800
Type Negativ
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