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Jobo ECN-2 Developing Kit 2.5L

Jobo ECN-2 Developing Kit 2.5L

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The Jobo ECN-2 Color Negative Developing Kit is a processing kit which includes all required photo chemicals for the development of color negative cine films (35mm, Super 8, 8mm, 16mm,...). The kit is especially designed especially for the rotary processing of films and is as such the ideal kit for people who have a Jobo processor. In addition to the essential components to perform the ECN-2 development process such as the color developer, stop bath, bleach, fixer and stabilizer, the kit also comes with a pre-bath that serves to remove the remjet layer from your cinema film before starting the process. This is essential. With some films this is not necessary such as the CineStill films where the remjet layer has already been removed from the factory.

The ECN-2 process must take place at a constant temperature of 41°C.

The developing kit can also be used with a manual inversion process if the temperature and agitation can be fully controlled. Please note the instructions that come with the kit are focused on the use of rotary development only.


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