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ILFORD SFX 200 120

ILFORD SFX 200 120

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Film with extended red spectral sensitivity up to 740-780 nm. Ilford's SFX is not a "real" infrared film like the former Efke IR820 or the Kodak HIE, but it is a film with an extended red sensitivity. The benefit to the user is the better usability and easier processing. The downside is that the photos are not "true" infrared images, but photos with an infrared-like effect.

However, the film can be given to almost any photo lab for developing and the exposures can be made using just a dark red filter. But the strongest and most visible "Wood-effect" is achieved by using an infrared filter which blocks the light below 715nm (e.g. Heliopan RG 715, available here in the shop). Ilford SFX 200 is ideal for infrared-beginners or to try out IR film in a Holga camera.

Teknisk data

Type Svart/hvitt-film
Eksponeringer 10
Format 120
ISO 200
Type Negativ
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